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Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Selbständigen in der SPD Rheinland-Pfalz

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Who are we ?

We don't complain - we rather work on solutions! 

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Selbständigen in der SPD (AGS) represents the interests of almost 2700 small and medium-sized enterprises in Rhineland-Palatinate. The AGS demonstrates the great economic policy competence of the SPD.

Traditionally, self-employment and social democracy were opposites to each other, a prejudice was been repeated time and again. quite the opposite, the SPD has a long tradition of representing small and medium-sized businesses. Its beginnings date back to 1891 and continued with the SPD's "Heidelberg Programm" in 1925. As early as 1928, the "Association of Socialist Entrepreneurs" was founded in Leipzig. After the turmoil of the Nazi era and the Second World War, the self-employed resumed their work in 1946. In April 1953, the "Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft selbständig Schaffender in der SPD", or AGsS for short, was founded in Essen and renamed AGS in 1963.

No place for money sharks The AGS works in a non-partisan way. All self-employed people who support a social and responsible economic policy are welcome. The members of the AGS stand for responsible entrepreneurship. They bear responsibility for their employees, for a meaningful education of trainees and for an innovative and strong economy.

Committed citizens Members of the AGS are involved in local councils, district councils and supra-regional political offices. The AGS stands up for the strengthening of small and medium-sized businesses and wants to use its commitment to highlight the current imbalance between large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses in terms of taxation, responsibility for apprentices, financial support and cultural sponsorship. On the other hand, we make it clear where social obstacles for small and medium-sized businesses arise, such as increasing bureaucracy, compulsory memberships and the lack of innovative attitude of many banks in our country.

Solidarity and justice We want work and prosperity for all levels of society with solidarity between the stronger and the weaker. But we also want each individual's performance and willingness to take risks to be adequately rewarded. Our task as the AGS is to ensure that our country develops positively and socially responsible as a business location through a wide range of activities both within and outside the social democratic party. The Working Group of the Self-Employed (AGS) is the association of creative people, executives and self-employed people in the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Social democracy and self-employment is not a contradiction. Rather, the basis of our actions is to put people and their personalities in the foreground and, despite the pursuit of profit, to include social aspects in entrepreneurial actions. This maxim, a foundation of the social market economy coined by Ludwig Erhard, guarantees that prosperity in Germany is not limited to a small upper class.

Positive development Nevertheless, there is some need for course correction, especially in economic and labour market policy legislation. Our task as the AGS is to ensure that our country - and Europe - prospers as a business location through a variety of activities both within and outside the Social Democratic Party. We are working on this.

Anyone who wants to join us is most welcome ... please get in touch with us by mail HERE



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